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Summary Middle School Facility Report

Submitted to Conestoga Valley School Board
August 20, 2007
by Robert W. Houghton, Principal

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Enrollment Projections

Presentation of enrollement information by
Kim Sheldomridge,
Conestoga Valley School District Business Administrator to the Middle School Facility Committee

Technology Needs for the CVMS Library

There are two main needs for the CVMS Library for the current student population numbers. The placement of student computer stations is not the most effective setting but is the only current option due to space. The teaching area was originally located in room 220 attached to the library but that classroom has been repurposed for the PSSA Reading program. The lack of space for special programs like Quest, ESL, and Prociency classes for Math and Reading created the problem I now face in teaching information technology process without a teaching area.  Each of these programs utilize classroom spaces or share classroom space with other teachers.

Student Computer Stations

The library was originally planned to house 12 computer stations but as the increase in the use of technology for the research process, the availablity of searchable databases, and implementation of online reference books were the factors which created a need for more computer stations to be located in the library.  The only available location was on the top of the book shelves.

Teaching Area

The teaching area was placed in an area where I could reasonably hang a projector screen and dim the lights to accomodate the viewing while also connecting to a stationary computer. This unfortunately is in the leasure reading area. The funriture in my room is luggable and we often rearrange the configuration to suit the needs of the lesson and the number of students in a class. This means moving the furniture almost daily. Nice Workout!!

Student Survey of Library Usage for Department Library Review 2005-2006

The students survey included 11 questions about the  library resources, library staffing, and library hours. The Middle School Students felt there was a need for more computers -- 19% were dissatisfied with the number of computers, more print resources -- 22% would like more fiction print resources for reading and 30% said they would use the library after school hours if it were open.

Faculty Review of CVMS Program and Facility

The entire faculty reviewed areas of the Conestoga Valley Middle School Program and facilty. The Committee on Technology and Library found a concern with the availablity of the library for research classes and study hall students. There is not enough seating to accomadate the demand.  The library classroom had recently been repurosed as a PSSA reading program room and therefore library instruction now occurs in the main reading room of the library. This does create a high demand for seating during these peak periods.  The committee felt the library was not of an adequate size and there was also a need for more staffing. The assistance hours have been increased from four hours a day to five and a half. This allows the library to remain open during my lunch hour.